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AL THIRD is the stage name of Jamaican born performer Alpheus Johnson. A singer/songwriter and reggae artist known for his pop-alternative-influenced music and bold visual style.  AL THIRD’s rhythmic music infuses pop, ballads, R&B and alternative vocals into contemporary reggae and world-beat. Born and raised in the inner city of Kingston – nursery for legends such as Bob Marley, he developed an eye for music when he was attending high school. AL THIRD formed a boy band called One Third which spring boarded his band and solo career into music. One Third went on to win the Jamaican equivalent of American Idol called Rising Stars in 2006. 

AL THIRD’s talent as a songwriter began with his freshman single  — “Nothing But Love” , which was co-produced by Young Veterans. He went on to pen songs such as “Got to Know” produced by Stoneage Production — “I Fret” and "My Everything" written and produced by Alpheus Johnson — “For Tonight” produced by Nubeat Entertainment. 

He has since co-produced on his debut EP entitled “Endless Possibilities”  with  “Lone Face” 

His latest release  are “Only When Close”  and "Mood Right Now" both written and produced by AL THIRD.


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